Solid wood sofa is when the choose and buy should pay attention to the lowly details?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-25
Solid wood sofa is the sofa of a lot of people like, because it is a solid wood sofa is not only elegant appearance, and beneficial to human body. But not a lot of people when the choose and buy focusing, only know some fur, not dig into solid wood sofa, so in some errors in solid wood sofa of choose and buy the lowly details, because is the lowly details make late are not satisfied with the purchase of solid wood sofa. Small make up for your next about solid wood sofa when the choose and buy should pay attention to the lowly details? One: wood and wooden advantage and disadvantage, open internal sofa, observe its dry degree and white state, quality of a material. If no dry, inferior quality, poor white state that bad, texture closely, delicate description. 2: are there any defect observation woodiness is so flawed, because stress is the stripes of the mast, and so on sofa, if appear knots, cracks are substandard. If the framework to loosen, the means of break. The site of man-made board processing, will also have a sealing side whether is bad. Installation accessories cannot appear less pieces, through state, then. Three: the strength of the plate with the hand press board face fastness, fixed function well glyph solid frame. If a press with the hand, vanity, that bad. Surface coating appears wrinkled skin, sticky, the paint is bad. Iv: and shake shake solid wood sofa, observe whether there will be a loose structure, once the loose, there will be noise, so bad. Five: comfort is the main purpose of solid wood sofa to sit, if you don't comfortable to sit on, so the real wood sofa is not suitable for inevitably. About solid wood sofa when the choose and buy should pay attention to those who touch the details of the content, small make up is introduced at this point, if also want to know about other related content, to the official website consulting, hope this article content allows you to further understanding of the real wood sofa of choose and buy.
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