Solid wood office furniture identification techniques

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-10

over the years, the office furniture market problems, more serious is that some illegal furniture makers in a more solid wood office furniture as solid wood furniture, entrap consumer.

in recent years, with the improvement of people's health consciousness, environmental protection as most of the main demand of furniture of choose and buy, the development trend of environmental protection of civilian furniture also of consumers and the industry recognition, but for the average office gens, the furniture of office environment pollution is often overlooked, office furniture, office furniture, environmental protection and standardization of market lack of appeal did not get enough attention, make office furniture to furniture polluted areas.

according to the personage inside course of study introduces, furniture manufacturing industry at present in domestic is still belongs to the labor-intensive and low value-added industries, into the line of low threshold, industry standards and technology standards can not be sure appearance, causes some do not have professional knowledge, insufficient funds, the production conditions and poor equipment enterprise, have access to the industry, the production of office furniture flooding the market do not conform to the environmental protection standard.

according to office furniture committee secretary general Yang lei of Chinese furniture association introduces, according to the May 1, 2009 implementation of the national standard wood furniture general technical conditions, furniture components must achieve 70% standard to be referred to as solid wood furniture, and most of the so-called solid wood office furniture on the market, mostly based on density board base material, the face of bao ruchan ala wood color, paint finishes. A furniture company, told the reporters, the head of the solid wood office furniture manufacturing process is relatively complex, need to screening of natural logs, antiseptic, drying and so on more than 10 deep processing, due to the extensive use of mortise and Mosaic structure, use less glue and other adhesives, therefore the poisonous and harmful gas such as formaldehyde release a quantity than plank furniture at least reduce more than two-thirds, higher raw material costs are more than twice, relative to character, its price and the profit is also higher. Therefore, often appear on the market with block of wood in furniture, dare say solid wood furniture, so many consumer interests is damaged, and shoddy, true phenomenon is more common in office furniture.

industry experts said, to distinguish the nakedness of office furniture & throughout; Throughout, the key to see &; : real wood material with shrinkage characteristics, so the real wood furniture will shrink up leeway in the production process, when buying office furniture, the first thing to look for the furniture whether have shrinkage joint & throughout; ; Second, really solid wood furniture to flip the drawer such as Angle position, generally USES the mortise structure, false hollowed & solid wood furniture are used throughout; Approach to forge the mortise and Mosaic structure; In addition, the man-made plank furniture hard to hollow out a certain thickness, drawer, cabinet and wooden furniture handle hollowed out inside concave style is usually adopted.

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