Solid wood office furniture daily how to maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

solid wood office furniture surface cannot be placed too heavy items for a long time, to avoid friction with hard objects, so as not to injure the lacquer face of solid wood office furniture, and wood surface texture, it is best if necessary put a soft cloth;

a cup of hot water cannot be placed directly on the surface of furniture, such as the trace of the leaves is not easy to remove. Colored liquid, should absolutely avoid such as ink sprinkled on the surface of the table;

when transporting or moving furniture to should take put down gently, not inconvenient, desk can't lift surface, easy to fall off, from the table and chairs on both sides should face lift;

absolutely not wet dishcloth or coarse cloth wipe and hardwood furniture;

don't take it too wet or too dry place long-term direct sunlight can make furniture is too dry, will fade.

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