Solid wood furniture, leather, label furniture is how to distinguish

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

the development of modern wood furniture, has formed a diversified styles, variety complete market pattern. Diversified market at the same time, provide a rich choice also can appear the good and bad are intermingled. As a customer, when buying must sharpen one's eyes. Solid wood used in fewer varieties and local materials, more valuable timber and rarely used solid wood. Such as solid wood chairs are common, but generally is high-grade ju wood, with imports of mid-range with maple, birch, domestic ju wood, low-grade rubber wood, etc. If someone tells you he is import of black walnut real wood chair, after yuan a piece, that he must be in you. That chair mostly use birch with paint dyed black walnut color, similar to the practice is common in both Chinese and foreign furniture industry. But it is in order to save cost and harmonious form a complete set of original intention, were utilized to stamping, but had to prevent.

many modern panel furniture veneer material, including wood skin and paster all very common, but class is completely different. Natural wood veneer furniture rich simple sense, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and stickers furniture is easy to wear and tear, afraid of water, so the collision, but the price is low, belong to the popularization of products. Some degree of wear and tear is not big, water is not nearly varieties of furniture is given priority to with stickers at present, such as shoe ark, bookcase, etc. Customer patronage furniture store, will see the price on the ground ark, such as walnut, cherry wood tea table, ju wood dining chair, etc. At this time, to figure out what is real wood, wood veneer or stickers, is the key. Solid wood, call stick wood of cherry wood furniture, but the stickers can only call cherry wood furniture, otherwise, they belong to the sham as the genuine. Solid wood, wood, wood ray, If there is usually characterized by needle) Clearly visible and should have some natural defects (more or less Spot of knag, wood, black line, etc. ) 。 The same piece of wood, wood or wood, its two interface grain should be able to clearly see longitudinal section and cross section of natural cohesion. The wood veneer, wood, wood ray is clear. Should have the same natural flaws. Because of a certain thickness (wood. 0. 5 mm or so) , making furniture encountered in the two phase interface, usually do not turn, but each piece, so two interface grain was usually should not be. Stickers, wood, wood ray is clearly visible, even advanced import paper, even the wood defects can also be fake, but still with natural wood veneer, is a fake. Sticker furniture easily the corners in tact. Other wood grain paper due to the thickness is small ( 0. 08mm) In two planar junction will directly pack in the past, with the grain of the two interface is ( Is usually a longitudinal section) 。

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