Solid wood furniture concept of how to distinguish real wood of choose and buy brand?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-23
Now people pay more and more attention to their house to decorate, when buying furniture also will choose real wood furniture, solid wood furniture brand is very good environmental protection, the real wood furniture brand on the market now there are a lot of don't panic, before buying real wood furniture concept to distinguish. Many people think, the brand solid wood furniture is all made of solid wood furniture, actually otherwise. According to top furniture r&d director wen-qiang Yang, the new 'wood furniture general technical conditions' standard solid wood furniture can be divided into three types: pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and wood veneered furniture. Only if all parts are made of solid wood furniture can be referred to as the pure solid wood furniture; Real wood furniture also compete with wood combination furniture, that is, table, table, Chair) Framework using solid wood such as legs, and side panel, bottom and top, shelf parts use man-made board ( Density board and particieboard belong to man-made board etc. ) Production of furniture; The solid wood veneered furniture is made of man-made board, decorated with real wood veneer on the surface of the furniture. In the market, there are businesses can be united in wedlock with plate wood or solid wood veneered furniture to pretend to be pure solid wood furniture. So before buying, you must ask first phase of solid wood furniture is pure solid wood, wood or board combined with, or is real wood veneers, when signing the contract, must will advocate material and auxiliary material material clearly written in the contract. Many people think, production of solid wood furniture solid wood, the greater the more the better, and those with a small piece of must have pieced together is small materials, waste not to use it, in fact not the case. In the northern region, the climate is dry, wood itself is easy to be out of shape, craze, block the more big, the whole, the more likely it is to appear this kind of circumstance, if the points is small, can reduce the possibility of shape, craze, wood a lot of production of solid wood furniture manufacturers to cut large pieces of wood cut into small pieces before tooth pick up together, and it is for this reason. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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