Solid wood furniture authenticity

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

in solid wood furniture authenticity identification said before, let me first introduce you to what is real wood furniture, maybe to some in more help when choosing furniture, solid wood furniture is completely real wood furniture, again without the processing of natural material, does not use any furniture made of man-made board, the main body of it all made of natural wood, only a small amount with some plywood and other materials referred to as solid wood furniture, wooden furniture and ordinary has obvious different, green and natural. Often see cheap real wood furniture in the market is not completely real wood, but imitation solid wood, joining together solid wood, composite solid wood, etc. With large amounts of the man-made plank of furniture.

so should be how to identify real wood furniture authenticity?

1, choose the right business, choose the right business is half the success, brand stores, formal manufacturers can rest assured choice.

2, buy buy real wood furniture must show they are pure real wood or completely real wood, let businesses understand what you want.

3, the surface texture, the furniture of completely real wood surface texture is natural, generally only in surface finishing varnish or matte paint, if there is a scar, she side, on the other side will have corresponding pattern, scar, knop, if not symmetrical, is certainly not completely real wood furniture. In addition, a lot of furniture have hinge, hooks, handle etc, also can unload the these parts, these parts with the base material through joint observation for solid wood.

4, ask, generally solid wood furniture has light combination, trees, and the smell of formaldehyde is completely different.

5, tap on a sound and solid wood furniture by hand knock after will have a clear voice, and imitation wood is not the ability to do this.

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