Solid wood furniture and maintenance strategy, huafeng furniture group with you

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-02
If momentum is magnificent landscape picture scroll painters with consummate craft paint a masterpiece, so antique solid wood furniture, is the power of the weapon with nature create priceless treasures. With the development of the society, people's living standard and the environmental protection consciousness also gradually improve. Men and women, old and young, are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. Whether the product is practical, environmental protection, whether is good for your health, is the priority consideration before purchasing, furniture is not exceptional also, yet durable brand solid wood furniture has become the first choice for mass consumption. Based on natural solid wood furniture, decorative pattern nature cost is higher. Because real wood material and natural wood texture, water content of real wood plank should also be a little higher. Furniture group to introduce the maintenance method for you: maintenance method one: stay away from the heat source. Solid wood furniture general heat resistance is poorer, so stay away from heat, avoid direct sunlight, and do not in a hot water bottle, kettle, it will burn her, or even deformation. Maintenance method 2: wax regularly. Although durable solid wood furniture, but the paint is easy to fade. So please always wax for her. But not too often waxing, 1 to 2 times a year. Maintenance method 3: pay attention to maintenance. Mortise and tenon joint structure is equivalent to the framework of solid wood furniture, in the event of loose, fall off, solid wood furniture can't continue to use, so you want to often view the junction of solid wood furniture, severe cases need to find a professional maintenance personnel processing. Maintenance method 4: rein at room temperature. Winter will let the outdoor air in a window ventilated, make indoor more dry, so you want to decrease the number of time and for the winter window. Maintain indoor temperature is appropriate. In the history of five thousand years of Chinese vast, solid wood furniture furniture group is the history of the stars of a bright, it is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, reveals the unique national style and Oriental characteristic of the Chinese nation. Relevant tags: furniture group
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