Sofa quality how to detect

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

when the choose and buy of sofa, as consumers don't pursue cheap, should try to choose well-known enterprise production designer sofa. Because in the process of long-term use of famous brand are generally consumer identity, its quality is stable, low repair rate and long warranty, after-sales service guaranteed. When the choose and buy, want to cushion layer from inside the frame quality, quality, fabric and sewing, cloth, foam sponge several aspects, such as the choice of viewing.

1 with the hand to press sofa armrest and back of a chair, if will obviously feel the existence of the wooden frame, then prove that populate the sponge density is not high. Elasticity is not good enough. Easily on the wooden frame will also accelerate the wear of sofa cover, reduce the service life of it; 2 let you body sitting on the couch in free fall, the body must be at least thrown up by the two above, to ensure good elasticity, and long service life. ( Does not contain the elderly consumption of the hardness of the sponge) 3 will form a complete set of sofa pillow zipper open, observe with the hand to touch the inside of the lining cloth and fillers, good sofa on these details, the quality is also consistent. Let your hands touch the surface of the sofa for a long period of time, feel the fabric will have to stimulate the skin appearance, look at the fabrics before and after its are consistent.

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