Sofa pollution not to be sneezed at

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-04

modern furniture to remind you that the sofa pollution not to be sneezed at. Sofa or widespread pollution problem, its health cannot be ignored. Sofa pollution from three aspects, first is surface layer, namely the leather sofa leather, cloth art sofa cloth art, and the surface of the solid wood sofa lacquer layer. For leather and cloth art, its odor pollution form mainly, that consumers can smell directly, if you find this kind of problem, through pollution treatment can remove about 80% less. The second aspect is that more and more people care about the interior of the filler, filler, especially the common use sponge quality and environmental protection level is uneven. Then there is the frame structure of sofa, because this part in the internal not easy to see, wrapped up the biggest hidden trouble, also became a sofa pollution QuLingBo said, not environmental protection plate is often because of the high formaldehyde content in indoor pollution. So, when consumer is buying a sofa, if can't see the frame structure of sofa, can have its surface, about 4 - from its frame Careful smell 5 cm, with serious pollution problems can also be found in a timely manner.

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