Sofa of choose and buy what is skill?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-30

sofa can provide convenient and comfortable to enjoy life, is a favorite of many people. The sofa of choose and buy skills have? Small make up take you to get to know.

1, when the choose and buy, should fully consider whether or not the chair color and style and the overall domestic outfit style is consistent. If it is contemporary and contracted to decorate, can choose simple shape, line feels strong sofa chair; If it is European domestic outfit style, can choose a leather sofa chair, increase indoor sense of luxury and high-end.

2. If you have a pattern on the fabric, the general should maintain a design is complete, up and down and left and right sides is symmetrical, coordination, line seams to alignment, with a bend to smooth the transition, should achieve almost the same color, no obvious color difference. Also there should be no stains and the tailor's chalk and his scar remnants, such as obvious jump line, bumps, etc. In addition, dental floss to crisp straight.

3, the framework of wood should be solid wood. Too soft wood, like pine, cypress wood, basswood, such as for sofa chair framework; Have split, bug eat by moth, decayed, scar knot truncation surface also cannot use more than a third of the wood. Junction does not have fracture, lack of material and loose. After internal check, check from the outside. One leg pressure here, and then twist after the back of a chair with both hands, such as don't feel loose, without the sound of creaking noises, then prove sofa chair more sedate.

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