Sofa make stateroom Party room

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03

if you live in a villa or large family home, believe you also like to greet friends and relatives home together or have a small Party, the sofa area of different layout lets everybody sit comfortably enjoy yourself, make empty stateroom little get-together Party room.

to build a good party type sitting room 25 square meters space using the

the interior space of the sitting room of the party should be keep the maximum plasticity and diversity, so that when green peng hao together, can realize the benefits of diversity, in according to the decoration and layout of the specification at the same time, will become flexible layout, more creative.

apply space: 25 square meters stateroom

25 square meters of space broad stateroom, let the sofa in the layout of the sofa area is too complex space is crowded, but too simple, show empty space, different shapes of the sitting room has a different layout.

the layout of the independent space of the sitting room is suitable for the use of combination, if it is a small house or villa, with independent living room space, can consider to the layout of the portfolio, if the huge living room and other space together, that the layout of the priorities is even more applicable.

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