Sofa cover material have?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-31

slipcover refers to the coat of sofa, refers to cover the items on the surface of the sofa. Usually, the sofa set is divided into removable and sealed, sofa cover also have different material, whether slipcover material have? Sofa cover should be how to choose? Today we talk about sofa cover material and selection problem.

a, sofa cover, what material is the

1, cotton cloth sofa cover

cotton slipcover have good touch feeling, not easy pilling after use for a long time, compared with plush sofa cover, the price of cotton slipcover more economical and practical, high cost performance has always been the advantage of cotton slipcover. Sold on the market, the cotton slipcover sales the best, the most widely use scope also.

2, plant fiber sofa cover

with the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness, the custom make sofa cover, nature is also a choice of green environmental protection material. Plant fiber sofa cover cloth, good to meet the demand of consumers, the cloth from the natural, has good toughness, breathable, reasonable price etc. On a hot summer, lay on the sofa, let a person feel fresh and cool.

3, linen sofa cover cloth

flax sofa cover is a more environmentally friendly products, common on the market of baby mat is made of linen, so soft and the environmental protection material. Compared to other sofa sets of material at the same time, the flax slipcover antique feel to the person, also have the natural color and fragrance smell. In the contemporary and contracted and Chinese style is decorated in, get frequent use, especially in hot summer.

4, plush sofa cover cloth

plush sofa cover price is low, have many design and color design, one of the most popular with consumer products. The user can according to their own needs, and domestic outfit style to select the corresponding products, best-selling sofa sets of products on the market, in the cold winter, to obtain the very good use.

2, sofa cover, about how to choose

1, the first to see if the material of sofa cover for the sofa in the home. Followed by the choice of material, usually we should pay attention to prevent slippery function when choosing leather sofa set, so the material, generally cotton is the best, with a comfortable close skin, this also is not easy to deform the leather sofa. Pure cotton texture is better.

2, to understand the practical function of the sofa set and match. And, of course, we in the choose and buy the leather sofa set at the same time still need to pay attention to the practical function and season the match situation. In the summer, we all know that the weather is very hot, so choose fiber fabric is suitable for leather sofa set, absorb sweat breathe freely and cool; But for temperature dry cold winter have to be replaced warm cloth sofa cover, leather sofa set, such as cotton or soft leather sofa sets.

if in the spring and autumn can choose the color a little bit bright cotton leather sofa set, we need to pay attention to is that not every kind of style, color can match your leather sofa, specific also depends on the situation of the integral style of the leather sofa.

3, finally understanding the market sofa cover. We want to know more about leather sofa set when the choose and buy their relevant situation, is not only a leather sofa set, to know more about the sofa of home design, suitable for any style of sofa cover cloth, when choosing the final shop around, according to the dermal sofa of choose and buy the right size. And, of course, can also be measured their custom leather sofa set, but the price will be a little bit expensive. But in order to be able to have a perfect leather sofa set, small make up feel custom-made sofa cover is a good choice.

visible, sofa cover selected need to see whether the material of sofa cover is suitable for sofa in the home and understand the practical function and match of the sofa cover, more understanding the market sofa cover, in addition, the sofa cover numerous brands, people can choose according to their own needs.

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