Sofa configuration also need to see the area

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03

is the prerequisite of the sitting room furniture, sofa when choose sofa can not blindly, even sofa to use according to the individual needs to buy, but also need to cooperate with the area and the size of the sitting room, buy back of the sofa is too small or not squeeze into the home is a big trouble, finally can only make sofa household chicken ribs.

small family necessary: one word sofa

the small family, humble abode of the sitting room is suitable for the use of a word sofa, bedroom and study even recreational sofa is fit for using this kind of sofa. In general space within 10 square meters of space have suggested a word sofa, can good use metope space, can save a lot of position again.

a type sofa is most province space, by 2 - Three people one word sofa and tea table TV cabinet group into an area, suitable for population of family simple, such as a couple or a family of three. Let the distance between the seat and tea table is slightly a little bit wide, form the leisure thought thick and relaxed atmosphere.

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