Sofa changes in the industry standard

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-23

sofa is every family, every company can use the furniture products, consumption is relatively large, sofa furniture market important position, so what is the sofa industry standards? What are the sofa industry standard change?

sofa industry standard changes: 1, the product category: the standard of product classification according to the seat surface elastic material, coated fabrics and use function classification. 2, material requirements there are a few points: a, sofa internal materials should be without bark; B, sofa appearance material should be consistent with the logo express; C, for textile fabrics, leather and artificial leather materials such as increased dry friction fastness & ge; The rules of the grade 4. D, wood moisture content should not be higher than average annual timber products region equilibrium moisture content and the original regulations for + 1%. And in the standard appendix B ( Normative appendix) Value added our balance regional wood moisture content as the basis of product evaluation. 3, flame retardancy requirement: considering the trend of the development of product, reduce the bodily harm. 4, mechanical property requirements: the mechanics performance test of this international standard in accordance with the unified 座背 durability classification requirements ( Durability requirements stipulated in the standard by the sofa elastic type) , namely durability should pass: A level 60000 times; Level B and C 40000 times 20000 times. And the back loose loose quantity, armrest and compress has made the corresponding adjustment. 5, inspection results assessment: product inspection is divided into type testing and factory inspection. Inspection result evaluation is: classy article, Top) , grade a ( B grade) , qualification, C grade) And nonconforming product. Size 6, main requirements: the standard main dimensions of product bridge former width, and depth in the reserves, to the size of the front and back high changes made a corresponding adjustment, and cancel the handrail size and shape of high dimensional deviation request.
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