Sofa and sofa bed skills of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

these days, many families living room with sofa chair and a sofa bed, sofa bed has to sit, easy to clean up the benefits of, deep part of the love of consumers. When the choose and buy of sofa bed should be pay attention to the following:

first of all, is a comfort, soft moderate, elastic equilibrium. Lie down when the body does not converge at a site, according to the body's natural force scattered from shoulder, hand, foot, hip etc. High quality sofa bed would like bed, bed will add wood planks, there will be equipped with spring, which can guarantee the human body for a long time to lie down without deformation.

second, the presence of noise. Poor quality of the spring on the Angle of the most vulnerable to this kind of condition; Quality good spring press does not produce noise. Third, the position of the bed and the ground must be appropriate. Bed surface is too high, fluctuation bed is not convenient; Then affects the healthy body, the bed is too low, because the height of the dust particles tend to about 30 cm above the ground. Usually high bed surface more than 40 cm best.

in the end, the sofa bed is also very exquisite fabrics, the fabrics of sofa bed usually come in a cloth is given priority to, this type of fabric sofa bed is best the anti-fouling processing, clean in the future will be more easily.

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