Small family household space choice of cloth art sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

in the living room, cloth art furniture.com/classic-sofa' target='_blank'>sofa can reflect the elegance and warmth of household tend to be more, compared with the leather sofa, cloth art sofa gives a person a kind of soft feeling more. For cabin and cloth art sofa, in order to meet the family little space of differences in size, the other is the same, the following cloth art sofa where appropriate.

1, first of all, from the choice of style, no matter how the atmosphere, cloth art sofa more high-grade, if it do not unified with household style, so it can't show the original momentum, whole space very embarrassed and not harmonious, now on the market there are a lot of cloth art sofa style, shape, pattern, color, etc is different, in the choice of home decoration style, makes every effort to perfect combination of each other as a unified whole.

2, a good cloth sofa, sit on it should be soft and comfortable. Usually high-grade cloth art sofa, cushion 30 centimeters, won't make people uncomfortable. When buying, can check cloth sofa for hard spring pad, can bear the weight of the body, can sit down and touch, medium elasticity is better. Sofa fabric should not be too slippery, sit down and no matter how to move can maintain a more correct posture and is very comfortable, this kind of cloth sofa is worth buying.

3, the next step is to check the details, whether bracket welding is firm, whether smooth, if there is a gap, the coating is uniform, and four bearing point is perfect, all these need to be checked. From four points can be found generally poor quality of cloth sofa, spring pressure is not good, if there is sound, then prove that the overall quality of the cloth of sofa is not perfect.

4, small family model in the demand is higher, the size of cloth art sofa need practical housing space to choose, measuring well before buying the size, can be placed in the property will be smooth when buy a lot. General household with a single sofa cloth art sofa length is 80 cm The 85-95 cm, depth 90cm; Double length of 126 cm - sofa 80 cm - 150 cm, depth 90cm。

although it is a small family, but also should pay attention to on furniture layout, you can put a comfortable cloth art sofa in the sitting room, let whole space there are bright spots, show the host's taste and life. Pay attention to the small family cloth art sofa of choose and buy, must be careful, to find the right place.

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