Small family home decoration when the choice of sitting room sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-30

sofa in the sitting room is main the decoration and decoration, decoration effect directly affects the whole household environment, home decoration for the small family do more troublesome, first of all, the small family sitting room sofa choice is difficult, it to the size of the request is more, it today to say the choice of small family living room sofa.

1, colour collocation

in determining the size of small family sitting room sofa before but also consider the problem of colour collocation of sofa, usually decorate color is light, small family residence or neuter color, these color can let a space look more capacious, so we will pay attention to when choose sofa color. Integral collocation to just highlight the background window, if the sitting room of setting wall is white, is suitable for color brighter sofa, so sitting room appears more focused.

2, sofa material

before that we need to choose the style of sofa, now is no longer just to decorate neat and clean, also the pursuit of a certain view and admire a gender, especially as the sitting room, decorate also divided into different decorate a style, different style need to match the sofa of material is different, different material of sofa gives a person the feeling is different, these are need to order the small family sitting room sofa size before certain things.

3, combination

for small family sitting room sofa combinations will have more exquisite, in order to let household environment not too crowded, and at the same time make plenty of everyone at the place in the home, to the combination of the sofa is also with the mind. Common small family sofa put way is a simple double sofa against the wall, but when the home to the guests sitting room is lack of take place. Introduces two kinds of sofa combination, one kind is among a small sofa, the sofa of the asymmetry of both sides to put two sofa chair; The other is a combination of sofa and sofa, two people right Angle put a sofa beside the sofa. This not only increases the surface area of the sitting in two ways, also increased the adornment sex of sofa.

the small family sitting room sofa size how do you decide? When clear the above three factors can measure, basically just in the sofa store and the salesman said the sitting room size, they will recommend the most appropriate size sofa, so clear the small family sitting room sofa sofa choose elements size doesn't matter.

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