Small family furniture recommended not to be missed

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

than large family, small family family's choice of furniture need to be more cautious. If furniture selected incorrectly, can make originally not large space appears more crowded, and caused a lot of inconvenience for household life. On the other hand, as long as the right furniture, small family can live a big feeling. Today give you recommend a few small family furniture not to be missed.

> recommendation 1: small family furniture sofa: sofa two butterfly a

the Chinese family of three people sofa sofa of the sitting room is main preference or high-ranked imperial concubine sofa, however, seem less big sofa can let a small family, should choose the size smaller main sofa, with flexible single person sofa, benches, etc. Can not only meet the demand of small space of hospitality, has also made a sitting room more open. The butterfly has a soft sofa two natural curve, elegant and joker. Imported wool flannel, close skin soft, half pillow on either side of the armrest can be used as a back cushion, used for sitting room or recreational area is a good choice.

the small family furniture recommendation 2: tea table: telescopic tea table

even small family family, tea table is still indispensable. Usually put before the sofa, tea table for placing items such as tea table. The contracted telescopic tea table size, the biggest characteristic is to scale transform pull according to the need to use only one side or two sides, flexible switch daily household and entertain guest mode, save space, it is the small family households of the Gospel.

the small family furniture recommend 3: recreational chair: the mustang chair

area small bedroom often put the wardrobe and bed, space is little, if put a bulky chair again, will be very crowded, walking inconvenience. With this simple chair to replace that can save a lot of space. Slim wooden feet look clean, small its applicable scope is very broad, many people like to used it as a chair. Small make up feel, for a small family family, put a in the study, the bedroom is also very good.

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