Sleep deck chair to degree

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-15

the deck chair can make people more relaxed than traditional chair, in the sleeping state, so that the body rest, so is widely used as a hospital accompanying chair, outdoor recreational chair, chair and so on my lunch break. And folding chair more because of its convenient and practical, flexible folding, small footprint, easy to carry, etc, are widely used in leisure travel, office nap, etc.

human body axis in the spine, and physiologic bend of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar, lumbar segments for rational lordosis, and lumbosacral segment of the protruding after. Good chair should according to the human body engineering design of deck chair back of a chair, it chairs the radian of back of a chair should be designed according to human spine physiological bending, this kind of design proper deck chair, comfortable after a lay up and then can achieve the goal of relax the body.

there are about two people sleep deck chair habits: one kind is down 30 to 40 minutes at a time, lying 1 ~ 2 times a day, as a kind of life habit and last for years; Another case is in daily life and do not have the habit of sleeping couches, and once sleep would last for hours or even on the couch all night until the morning. From the point of view of medical health, the former more reasonable a habit, a habit after has certain harm to people's health, because if any kind of body posture to maintain a long time, will appear adverse consequences, such as stiff joints, muscle spasms, numbness, deep vein thrombosis, etc.

need special remind is, the small of the back there is disease, such as lumbar disc, spinal canal stenosis, vertebral instability and spinal deformity, recommends avoiding chaise lounge chair made of soft material, because of waist and leg pain patients most physiological bending of the spine lesions, such as lumbar degenerative scoliosis, and lordosis is reduced, made of soft materials can aggravate the symptoms of deck chair, result in vertebral canal volume change, lead to herniation, spinal canal stenosis is aggravating, formation and blood vessels, nerve conformity and stimulation of spinal cord, which cause lumbago, double leg hemp pain, serious when can appear sphincter, lower limb weakness, the symptom such as paresis and bladder/bowel dysfunction. Sleep it is best to lay down on the couch, Lie on your back) To avoid side and stomach, lest appear muscle spasms, skin and soft tissue from crushed discomfort.

sleep deck chair must form a good habit, coordinated with their own behavior, combined with the actual condition of your body, select material appropriate deck chair, the rational use of time and method, can play a positive role.

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