Size family furniture space in the best match

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

whatever the style of furniture design, furniture and the collocation of integral space is a top priority. Determine the size of furniture, natural, in accordance with the actual size of household space to determine. So, in different family to the size of the space, the sofa, single chairs and the furniture such as TV ark what is the best space collocation of size? We look together.

small family room furniture collocation, size standards

sofa size: standard three sofa 210 cm wide, 90 cm in depth or below.

size: single chair is generally depth below 80 cm is given priority to, style with round for the best.

TV cabinet size: 210 cm wide, suitable for standard can depend on the size of random cut.

large family room furniture collocation, any size

sofa: depth can choose above 110 cm, width is not limited.

single chair: any size, enough space can be tie-in odd chair MATS.

TV ark: suitable for more than 270 cm wide, can be randomly selected according to the space size.

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