Six factors to determine whether the hotel guest room furniture by customers like

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-15

the hotel guest room furniture to have artistic quality and view and admire a gender to a domestic outfit design if you want to have strong individual character color, commonness and individuality beauty harmony and coordination. Then, the designer must fully consider the personality of each member of the family, interest interest, culture accomplishment, will these factors and the comprehensive analysis of home fashion, tide, make modelling, decoration, design, color and other artistic techniques of the style. Display the cultural value of the hotel in style.

our hotel hotel furniture decorate a design in the first place, is hope stylist can in the limited space, idea generation function is perfect, advanced facilities, convenient to use, safe, healthy, warm and comfortable living environment, in order to meet the needs of our material and spiritual. Want to hit this target, domestic outfit design must follow the 'safe, applicable, beautiful, economic' principle. The real art form, service function and the hotel furniture manufacturing technology content of elements.

1。 Safety

general hotel formaldehyde free of no clear provisions, but have furniture fire protection requirements under the condition of the hotel allows certain parts can use fire prevention board, iron paint, flame retardant fabrics, etc. Even upscale hotels to wood treated with fire wood for making furniture.

2。 Efficient production

under the condition of the same material cost, that kind of material is easy to be processed, the process can save the cost efficiency, especially in the vertical milling, after carving, carving process, the material easy processing and cutting, easy smooth and neat.

3。 Structural strength

room furniture is fixed furniture, more general structure type is given priority to, choose wood screw, hardware fittings and adhesive as joint way. Should be paid attention to when using materials of different material properties, such as particle board, MDF holding nail force is poorer, avoid is used in the frequent activities or need strong force that grasp a hammer parts, such as door hinge screw parts, smoke rail bottom rail screw parts, loose easily produce sound. Bed screen, hardware accessories parts should pay special attention to frame the wall or substitute wood for reinforcement.

4。 Transport installation

hotel floor generally higher, requires furniture light weight in transportation. Especially some conjoined bed back, some extended table, elevator can't transport, freight elevator in furniture installation has been removed, how to transportation safety, need special consideration from the material weight and structure.

5。 Material cost

also meets the requirement of using low cost material as far as possible, with large surface material at the same time the attention of the use of the same small piece of material, raise the utilization ratio of sheet. Room furniture general quantity is bigger, try to use the computer reasonable layout, comprehensive utilization of large and small pieces of material, reduce the cost of materials. Different structure, pay attention to the material cost comparison.

6。 The appearance quality.

appearance quality first furniture surface smooth, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, texture clear and beautiful. Guest room furniture often use particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), joinery board, laminated board as base material, such as using two sub-companies named seaport, wood veneer, plywood as the wrapping material. Different base material and its material properties vary with wrapping material, do not pay attention to the characteristics of material and the correct method of use, often leads to warp of panel. Panel on the back and front with wrapping material must be the same or similar structure features, general requirements for 6 ~ 10% base material moisture content, choose as far as possible the same batch of materials. In the workshop as far as possible to shorten the time of loading and the press, different material properties, different wrapping material moisture content, pay attention to the different coating thickness, press time and pressure.

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