Sitting room furniture: the imperial concubine chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30
Sitting room furniture for the position of the sitting room is important because 80% of our sitting room space has been hogging furniture, so one of the most important aspects of the sitting room furniture is decorated choose, today we sitting room furniture: under the imperial concubine chair. Generally the recliner chair, only one side have armrest, at the same time, must have the function of the pillows and armrest. Of course, there are different styles and modelling, today introduced a FRP FRP recliner. Recliner calls is by the famous designer: the couple design that the imperial concubine chair design is very creative, put in the sitting room completely is a work of art, the whole body is sending out the breath of noble, elegant, meditation, sometimes sitting in a chair to get an unexpected effect. Pictured above is 50 degrees grey film images. Sitting room furniture: the imperial concubine chair belongs to the modern furniture, suitable for contemporary and contracted style decorating family, he is using a full manual grinding production, glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, surface treatment to smooth level off, the profile curve evenly, edge smooth, become an organic whole repeatedly carefully designed seat, back of a chair, chair foot part adopts stainless steel frame and wooden feet, if either practical or as a decoration in the sitting room is very good.
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