Should be how to put the office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03
Office furniture decoration choice and is the most important part of office decoration, office space depends on the choice of style to decide the design of office furniture, have mentioned before, modern office furniture with modern office, traditional distribution, and office furniture put can refer to some of the more successful cases. So how should the office put? First: perspective from geomantic learn, general office furniture is put, will be at the back of the work table put a as rely on items, but also to follow the principle of people often say that mountain ring of water holding. And furniture is put in the office, the chair against the wall as far as possible, this will make everyone's support; Is relatively stable. Second: from the perspective of science point of view, 1, furniture is put in the office, not recommended by the window, as you all know all know window is air import and export, if the wind is easy to catch a cold, and even ordinary of the breeze blowing his neck to the body also is not very good, the man by the window work easily distracted, because the outside world will affect the work, such as the car outside, footsteps, noise, etc will affect the work. 2, office furniture is put in the back door is very bad, everyone knows that the door is a key of the people into the office, is also the main channels for the whole office to receive the air outside, if you will put the office furniture here, behind will make the workers did not rely on, and will be put behind the bad emotions into it so that it is not able to work better. If the office furniture is put back door for a long time, will let the work within the subconscious processing tension, make its cannot be settled down to work. Office furniture put in fact not a very easy thing, big companies will have a lot of attention to commonly, feng shui perspective the decoration of the office can bring money can also poorer, from a scientific point of view good can improve the efficiency of your office.
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