Several classic of modern furniture is not to be missed

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modernism design from the architectural design, and the fundamental functions of modern furniture design is to construct a should both comply with the household environment of people, and can satisfy the people's life, daily life, in other words, the furniture for the modern people's life bring convenience, at the same time, also bring more visual aesthetic feeling and tactile comfortable!

1, Barcelona chair Barcelona chair by the architect mies in Barcelona in 1929 world's fair, in order to welcome the Spanish king and queen, it is supported by arc cross shape stainless steel frame really pipi mat, very beautiful and functional. Two pieces of rectangular leather cushion sit face ( Cushion) And the back of a chair. Chairs were all hand polished, beautiful shape, function and practical. Began the modern furniture design, the work is seen as the 20th century's most popular classic chair today. Computer stainless steel and soft leather and perfect unifies in together, let a space filled with the time feeling.

2, vassili chair design guru Marshall las especially brow ( Marcel Lajos Breuer,1902- - 1981). , marcel, especially brewer. The design in 1925, the world's first steel leather chair, in order to commemorate his teacher wassily kandinsky, so named vassili chair ( 瓦西里椅) 。

for the use of new technology, new material or structure of a breakthrough, vassili chair is very good not only represent the style of the Bauhaus design & ndash; — : practicability and function of the pursuit of the unity of the modern furniture simple form, embodies the Bauhaus notice for the general public to provide more economic and convenient products. The democratic design concept and aim.

3, coconut chair as influential in the history of American modern design and creative designers, Nielsen design is for the purpose of this chair lounge chair is comfortable to sit, also can sit in the body freely at the same time.

1955 design for a coconut chair & throughout; , such as the name implies, part of its design concept derived from coconut shell, this chair although looks very light, but as a result of coconut shell for metal materials, its weight is not light. Coconut chair on either side of a shallow and charming curve design, can sit for users in any position.

furniture is a country or region in a certain historical period social productivity development level of sign, is a microcosm of a certain way of life, is the manifestation of a cultural forms, thus modern furniture condensed the rich and profound sociality.

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