Senior hotel furniture design should pay attention to

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-29

when senior hotel furniture design must consider the feelings of the customer, not designers feel good is a good product, because only consumers say good furniture is good furniture. Today we need to pay attention to what the senior hotel design, Barcelona chair, for example.

1, the quality and safety

the furniture of good quality and high safety performance is hotel to choose furniture, like Barcelona chair, high safety factor, many people are worried about X feet will scratch the floor, that you don't have to worry about, because X feet frame is through polishing processing, want to scratching the floor all difficult. Quality problems, general formaldehyde free hotel with no clear rules, but there are furniture fire protection requirements under the condition of the hotel allows certain parts can use iron paint, fire prevention board, flame retardant fabrics, etc. So senior hotel furniture design must take into account these problems.

2, structural strength

different material structural strength will be different, some of them are cylindrical, some of them are triangle, and the representative work of guangdong senior hotel furniture Barcelona chair is to use X architecture, structure, no matter what a solid architecture is the hotel furniture to choose furniture, some people worry that the tiny racks, won't make people fall down? This you trust, X architecture is very solid, from design to now hundreds of years haven't seen X stand instability phenomenon.

3, exterior materials

senior hotel furniture appearance beautiful beautiful, fine workmanship, quality first, furniture decoration is exquisite, texture clear. Different material properties, style also each are not identical, so when the choice must choose beautiful and appropriate oneself of hotel furniture.

select advanced hotel furniture to furniture, modern furniture production they will come to your hotel more beautiful.

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