Senior hotel furniture cleaning method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-24

the last we spoke, senior hotel furniture cleaning techniques is earnest, careful, that today we're going to learn the advanced furniture clean.

1, should examine when cleaning the appliance, to determine whether the cloth is clean, had better use towel, cotton cloth or flannelette good water imbibition such as cloth to clean the furniture.

2, have the wet cloth to wipe furniture, a lot of people used to use dry cloth to clean the wipes furniture surface, this is a myth, in fact, these subtle grain wipe back and forth in the friction, already damage furniture paint, furniture which is easily broken.

3, cloth art furniture is difficult to remove dust, like a swan chair, sticky dust is hard to erase, then you can use to clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agent. When using, inhale dust with cleaner in addition to the first, then a small amount of spray carpet cleaner on the wet cloth to wipe.

4, hotels furniture cleaning is can't use detergent, soap water, such as cleaning products, even in the home clean when used sparingly, in addition to remove the residual chemicals such as detergent, produce harm to human body, and so clean can't effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of the furniture, and they also have a certain corrosive, will damage the surface of furniture, make furniture is not beautiful, affect the operations of a hotel.

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