Selection and identification of example room furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

in example room design, there is a kind of element is indispensable, that is the example room furniture, example room, as the representative of the real estate example room furniture nature becomes the indispensable thing, in which the place is also very important, now example room furniture is added many healthy element, such as the health of the cowhide, formaldehyde-free soft outfit furniture and so on, but now many businesses are beginning to build the banner of green, environmental protection, health, to sell unhealthy example room furniture, home furniture should be how to identify?

identify the furniture is commonly: inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking, touch, try looking at: main see material pledge, tag, when choosing example room furniture, material is you need, such as stainless steel or plated, is it real wood or plate, these are for my own use eyes to see clearly. See mark, general situation in the mall will have posted the material of products, such as moisture content, the density of sponge. Smell: general smell excitant odour, like in the mall or in exhibition hall furniture factory will not have too much excitant odour, solid wood furniture can have light sweet taste. Ask: ask to talk to merchants know details of example room furniture, ask the manufacturer of the production situation, price, features, and USES. Generally have a well-known brand, the strength of large manufacturers of furniture soft adornment, less pollution. Touch: touch the furniture sealing side is tight, whether or not smooth enough, will cut the hand, etc. Try: want to try if furniture is solid, like software flexibility is good enough.
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