Selected high quality sofa teach you five steps

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03

all of which make consumers confused don't know how to choose a suitable high quality sofa. ShuZhi, choose sofa, can't see light fabrics and elasticity, the skeleton of sofa, fillers, detail design, and after-sale service are important reference factors.

framework, cushions, fabrics, filler, bills are both

in the stores, the material of sofa variety, style and changing patterns, colors, colorful, prices ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, some import prices as high as hundreds of thousands, even millions of sofa, the sofa has little difference appearance. All of which let consumers confused don't know how to choose a suitable high quality sofa. ShuZhi, choose sofa, can't see light fabrics and elasticity, the skeleton of sofa, fillers, detail design, and after-sale service are important reference factors.

a lot of consumers think is higher than the price of cloth art sofa leather sofa. At present, in the area of the cortex to use, can be full, half leather sofa leather sofa; From the use of material, have the first layer of leather, floor leather, etc; Will tell from the thickness of the cortex, have thick skin, thick skin, normal skin, etc. But most of the leather sofa on the market at present is not strictly a full thickness leather sofa, so, generally the market price of the leather sofa and cloth art sofa photograph is the same as the high-end, even some brand of cloth art sofa prices higher.

the so-called dermal sofa on the market at present most is not the whole skin, usually contact with human body parts for real leather, the rest of the ingredients is leather, just color's very close to real leather. So from the point of view of the price, if the whole sofa is cortical, coriaceous softness, permeability is good, the price is higher.

s selection step

the first step: framework skeleton to strong

see framework, his hands back and forth about sofa repeatedly shaking force, if there is no clear sound, the sofa frame is solid. Next, want to open a base cloth under the zipper view framework material, whether hardwood log, whether plane light, and whether there is a bad rot and bug eat by moth.

note: many consumers think furniture is heavier, the better, in fact is the heavier furniture with the same material, the better. Some furniture with tailings, even bark material fill the back of a chair or sofa armrest profile, light weight, but with long will break.

step 2: seat cushion elasticres ilience

inspection sofa back stretch had better let the body in free fall sitting on the sofa, body sofa cushions up 2 times or more, at least to ensure good sofa elastic, and don't have a sound from the spring.

at the same time, by hand press sofa armrest and back of a chair, if you can clearly feel the existence of the wooden frame, then this set of sofa packing density is not high, the elastic is not good enough. Can easily be felt accelerates wear cloth sofa, the sofa of wood to reduce the service life of sofa.

tip: there are two types of seat cushion of the sofa, one is spring package, one is the sponge. Some relatively low-end sofa also USES serpentine doll vertical spring and foam rubber, sponge, the seat cushion is not durable, basic life only 3 ~ 5 years.

the third step: fabric thick wear-resisting

sofa fabric should be more thick, the weight is more than 300 g/m2 of more durable, and must ensure that the friction surface can't afford the ball more than 12000 times.

with the hand touch the surface of sofa, to stimulate the skin if there is a phenomenon, and observe whether the fabrics of sofa color is even, joint part for tightness level off, the work is fine. Open supporting pillow zipper, observe with the hand to touch the inside of the lining cloth and fillers.

note: high-grade generally have cotton lining cloth art sofa, the other is easy to dirty parts should be change. Some high-grade fabrics in order to improve the anti-fouling ability, also has carried on the special surface treatment, but also has the function such as antistatic, flame retardant.

step 4: open seat cushion, zippers, check the bouquet

看座 cushion padding, high-grade sofa cushion used in more than 30 kg/m3 density high elastic foam sponge, back cushion should use 25 kg/m3 high density foam sponge. To improve the sit comfort, some bubble in ensuring that the premise of lower density, not do the soft handle. Also has the feather and sponge mix filling sofa, sit feels more comfortable.

step 5: paper information to complete the

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