Second-hand furniture market is not perfect

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

now more rapidly, the development of the second-hand market second-hand furniture market also gradually began to develop, but second-hand furniture market is not perfect, often someone will buy junk goods, except for the rental house would use the second-hand furniture, is very rare to other parts of the country.

some second-hand furniture is waste material after renovation, quality closes nevertheless, a consumer is several hundred yuan bought a used furniture quality is bad, said he couldn't use the bed, lying in the above don't move, turn over is cheep wow ring. Can only see some consumers buy can't use the furniture, the home is full of fire.

now many people want to sell the furniture that used to, but no one is recycling, relevant personage says: furniture recycling and home appliance recycling situation is different, the old home appliance recycling because some parts of the old home appliance still can be reused. And if it is too old furniture generally have no use value, or renovate back into the secondary market, either as a waste disposal. Even renovation, when using the paint most choose the cheap paint, harm to human health. In this also warns customer: when used furniture of choose and buy, choose those who are of good quality, health, clean furniture, furniture also select high security and strong robustness, especially those families with a child more carefully selected.

there are also many enterprises implement the to old change new activities, but not how long, because national scrappage implementation difficulty is bigger, furniture recycling not only needs, material and financial resources and also faces the human cost, recycling channels to establish and improve a series of problems, such as, in general is bad. In the face of such situation, we can only be called for countries to develop policies as soon as possible, on the one hand, on the other hand, need to speed up the perfect used furniture market, the second-hand furniture market in the direction of the healthy and orderly development.

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