Scratch the wardrobe?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-06
< / P> < P> chest using long, hard to avoid can appear some scratches, affect their own beautiful, still can let the life of the wardrobe. Are worried don't know how to cope with chest wounds of a friend, don't worry, actually wardrobe of small scratches can also be handled myself. In addition to buy wardrobe will have formaldehyde taste, chest use time is long, especially in rainy weather, chest will appear within a musty, these taste easily absorbed by clothes, want to wear in the body with the unpleasant smell, wardrobe except flavour solution of it immediately. < / P> < P> scratches wardrobe appeared scratches, you first need to judge the situation of the scar, if there is no harm to the chest film, can dip in with cotton some simple melted wax liquid, apply evenly on the scratches, beautiful home decoration nets, free design budget quotation. Attention needs to be surrounded by all the wound coverage, such as wax qualitative change after dry harden, repeat many times, until the scratch is not so obvious. Burn mark chest surface accidentally by cigarette or lighter burns? < / P> < P> can be hard with the appearance of fine lines, one stick, head qingqing to wipe with chopsticks were burning, and then coated with a thin wax liquid, for their own protection. Very hot mark accidentally put the high temperature of the surface of the container is put in the wardrobe, cause very hot mark white. If timely found timely to wipe, very hot mark disappear soon, but if later found traces and deep, tincture of iodine can be used on very hot mark, and then apply some vaseline, again in a few days with a soft cloth to wipe, very hot mark mark will fade. < / P> < P> in addition to formaldehyde to buy new wardrobe must be well ventilated, activated carbon adsorption formaldehyde. Or add the right amount of tea into the wash basin, cabinet, and open a window ventilated breathe freely, formaldehyde content will fall in 48 hours. The most scientific method is to use 'light-accelerant method to remove formaldehyde. < / P> < P> in addition to mildew judge the moldy degree of the wardrobe, if chest and clothes mildew, need to use dry cloth to wipe the wardrobe on the surface of the mold, can also be used with cleaning fluid twist dry cloth to wipe, with chest ventilation after a period of time with ram blow dry surface, covered with a layer of paper or in the chest chest pads. Avoid wardrobe appear mildew, tear the buy back of soap packaging, with ventilation box containing, put in the corner of the wardrobe, put 1 to each layer 2, this can effectively avoid chest like mold. < / P> < P>
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