Red sandalwood furniture is the main characteristic of the classification and what?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-14

hotel furniture for you what are the introduction to the main characteristics and classification of red sandalwood.

red sandalwood alias 'amboyna', color is violet black, similar horn color, fragrant, deep quaint, heartwood is blood red ochre, luster beautiful fret and stripe, rings grain into stirring filamentous, brown eyes, very close. Non-trace scar. With wine bubble is purple, and can stick to the bowl. Is the highest of annatto timber.

red sandalwood furniture is a kind of the characteristics of the precipitation foundation and the spirit of classical art high-quality goods, for the use of wooden gold red sandalwood red sandalwood furniture manufacturing, is not uncommon for the wealth of raw materials, class and vitality to boast about. Regardless of the time change, the glorious tradition of violet arenaceous furniture always reflected in the enthusiasm of the era, art pilgrimage road lasted for several generations.

red sandalwood is the most sparse, growth cycle is very long, coarse about 3 cm long, every one hundred years nearly one thousand years to become useful, the bark of red sandalwood in sage green, tree trunks bend is not straight, so it is difficult to get to the big diameter timber, its narrow sapwood, woodiness is hard, internal structure, dense water sink, heartwood is bright red or orange, color will be darker after long-term exposure to air, purplish brown stripes. The most precious tree species, hard, sweet, colour and lustre and good grain characteristic, it as the furniture of edge information, woodiness grain, sculpture, sign making rosewood furniture, picture and color is natural, the preservation of cultural relics, elegant furniture to decorate art more Chinese love.

rosewood main also can be divided into dyu rosewood and lobular rosewood, lobular red sandalwood wood grain is relatively shallow, bold color and micro rings almost invisible, woodiness is exquisite, the material is fine.

dyu rosewood, this is annatto furniture on the market some companies and individuals to the wood of the nickname, may be used to improve the value of the wood. Identification, by the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, this kind of wood botany class names to have bois DE ( Also belong to annatto) 。 In the redwood national standard black rosewood, wood origin Madagascar to Africa. The heartwood new section of orange, long to deep purple, there is a strong acid aroma, resembling a rosewood, but its coarse texture, obvious and zonal stripe width on tangential section, pipe hole formed long, straight, coarse, much of ox hair grain, wood than rosewood is rough. Nowadays the price on the market only for a quarter of rosewood. The little thing on the market basically is the material and furniture etc.

lobular rosewood, is refers to the Indian rosewood. In the redwood national standards is a rosewood, new red sandalwood color is red, with black stripes, very fine can be observed in cross section and little ox hair grain; Diameter with ribbon stripes in cross section, average stripes straight, deep, shallow and white, stripe width in 3 - About 5 mm. In the majority with tong yellow. Lobular red sandalwood has sandalwood fragrance, especially new system made of chest, when open cupboard door or open the drawer, can smell. The aqueous solution of sawdust celadon, liquid level is like crystal violet, commonly known as fluorescence. Real lobular wingceltis little material in the market, such as generally have to objects and furniture, rosewood do price is very expensive.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody to rosewood furniture already had certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here when choosing rosewood furniture, choose a few big brands of rosewood furniture, because of the big brands rosewood furniture quality is reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, can help you to understand to the advantage of the rosewood furniture, what are the classification.

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