Reasonable selection of office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

for office furniture, hard to avoid misunderstanding between many buy. Choose to consider the artistry, modern office furniture procurement people to taste of culture, spirit, often can be reflected in the office furniture.

1, pick colors create comfortable environment

buy office furniture, the first is to choose the color, make colour and reasonable decorate indoor decoration bring comfortable environment to employees. Want to know, space is narrow, trival modelling, colour and complex furniture, can make people's physiological and psychological balance, stressful, depression and boredom feeling, thus affect human health. And color bright and spacious room, relocation contracted, pleasant color of furniture, makes a person feel the atmosphere of harmony, feel better, easier to get along with people, work efficiency is higher.

office furniture generally have 5 kinds of color: black, grey, brown, dark red and blue. Usually, different kinds of gray to table; Black, brown for the boss chair and reception desks and chairs; Blue and dark red for office chair. Because, blue is quietly elegant, do not break lively; Red is serious, there is no lack of lively; Black, brown, always give a person NingChongGan, use them to decorate the meeting room, will prompt you focus your thinking in general, office colorific configuration must, in accordance with a big leap, small and harmonious principle.

2, pay attention to the furniture size

the expert points out, now of the furniture industry is relative specification. Countries have formulated the standard of some furniture size, and the standard is suitable for most asians use basically. But due to the limitations of the problem such as height, weight, habits and customs, also can appear special circumstances. So, if you want to have a best for you, the most comfortable furniture, had better to choose according to individual circumstance is strictly, and personally, can never do. If furniture size differ with standard a few centimeters, looks no difference, but for a long time, is likely to affect the body health, therefore, it is not enough to pay attention to the appearance of furniture, furniture only height, width, and combinations of completely accord with human body physiology, psychology and activity of the scale of the law, is the best.

3, don't get too low price

price and value, the cost is often closely linked. Low prices of furniture is usually the cost is low, the quality is poor, the appearance and design are usually poor, cultural value, also called see office chair bombings gust in the past few years, almost every time because covet cheap and buy counterfeit products. Experienced purchasing people know, buy low price products, often have a lot of can't foresee the hidden danger, cause a lot of problems exist after the purchase, is regret.

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