Real wood floor daily maintenance methods

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-07

now household decorates, real wood floor more and more get the favour of people, the floor used in daily life must pay attention to the effective cleaning and maintenance, so as to ensure the normal use of the floor, but also can improve the life of the floor. So small coup white vinegar and baking soda to clean the floor is clean work, specific what is the clean small way. What is daily maintenance matters needing attention of real wood floor, everybody can take advantage of the contents of these related to life, have a very good reference value. But many people don't choose this kind of material of the main two points, not only because of its price is higher, more crucially, this kind of material on the daily maintenance are very trouble, real wood material is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, from corrosion and wear and tear, and the price is expensive, many people life is meticulous care.

thought method, that many people who don't want to own all his floor can eternal youth? In this way, a specially appeared on the market for floor cleaning agents, but a lot of people skeptical, this kind of floor cleaner really useful? Or it is suitable for wiping the pure real wood floor? Because if the result is bad, although clean, but leaves some corrosion, lead to floor moldy or damaged, it is a lot of people are not able to bear.

in the floor cleaner on the market in general is consists of surface active agent, fungicide, essence and special light factor that four types of materials, after more scientific formula, through layers of trial and error, to maximize use and made into household cleaning products.

floor clean small coup white vinegar and baking soda

pure white vinegar is a great non-toxic cleaning, not only can eliminate peculiar smell, also can decontamination. Don't worry, the smell of the vinegar will not be kept for a long time. Use baking soda to clean and eliminate peculiar smell, at the table, stove or refrigerator sprinkle baking soda, use wet cloth, wipe with a clean wet rag at last.

can be applied to pure wood floor, answer: can

the most appropriate, is on the surface of the dust clean first, then use special wooden floor cleaner, on the whole wood surface for a warm, let a floor keep original texture and color, don't be so quick to building, otherwise it will cause the material does not adapt to and crack condition.

real wood floor daily maintenance note

on the issue of the late maintenance, generally with the frequency of the floor cleaner can't too high, as if to vegetable pesticide, if there is no bug eat by moth, do not need to reinvent the wheel, the floor also is same, not a wide range of dirt also need not enraged. Late in the floor cleaner to use after, the best maintenance method is back again to make a floor wax, floor waxing floor maintenance on traditional process, the most common and most effective, most economical way, to cut off contact with outside air, wood to placed the moldy on the root cause.

1。 The quality and the material of real wood floor, but the construction technology and use of the site is also the important influencing factors. As long as the work, installation, and used properly, poor wood also can make good floor. At present, the market is good PiYuRui merbau, fine, longan, black ants wood, slight high-grade teak and balsam dal floor, the price of this two kinds of floor in about 600 yuan/square meters, is even higher.

2。 Use dry mop clean. If the dry air in the home, can be wet mop some or put a basin of water on the heating or use the humidifier humidification. After laying, wax in a timely manner. In use process, usual once every 3 months wax can. Actually not dozen also can, but often waxing, can maintain the smooth finish of the floor, prolong the service life of real wood floor.

3。 Try to avoid contact with a lot of water floor; Avoid using acidic and alkaline liquid to wipe, lest destroy floor surface lacquer finish. Avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, don't throw cigarette butts or placed directly on the floor is too hot, try to avoid dragging a heavy furniture. Floor is in use process, if discover individual case fall off or since the floor, shall promptly take up floor, shovel to old glue and ash, coated with new plastic compaction. Once a month wax and maintenance method, but before waxing will water vapor and besmirch wipe up.

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