Quiet, sweet is the bedroom furniture brand selection criteria

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03
Reasonable arranging furniture placement is a very important link, be sure to keep the ground flat, furniture placed later can safe level ground, if in a swing state for a long time, because furniture parts stress non-uniform, does part will result in loose fasteners, adhesive glue, affect the service life of furniture. To prevent exposure. Furniture is put in the time, generally it is best not to choose near the window, avoid direct sunlight. Because furniture if long time exposure, may appear fade, the phenomenon such as cracking, peeling, it may appear the oxidation of metal furniture, lose luster. The bedroom is the most intimate place in all the rooms, but also is the most romantic, most the place that personality, now bedroom area is in commonly 20 square metre control, so the bedroom not only main function is to provide you a comfortable sleep environment, have both the function of storage. It should have quiet, sweet feature, from layout of select material, colour, indoor lamplight to the decoration of indoor thing should be carefully designed. Bedroom furniture including beds, mattresses, wardrobe, dresser and night table, and bedding, etc. They is the protagonist in the bedroom, a good set of bedroom furniture, especially the bed, can change a person's quality of life. So a ideal bedroom, always can let a person heart two yue - meet the needs of the emotional and physical, eventually become oasis in their lives. What is the most important function of housing? Of course is sleeping; What is the most important furniture in the bedroom? Bed, of course. So, bedroom design must be for the center with the bed. A warm and comfortable bedroom environment, can make your life energy, including the choice of bedroom furniture and put a lot of learning. Some bedroom furniture brand that give a warm bedroom background: the background of the shape and color, set the stage for the whole atmosphere of the bedroom directly. The ceiling design should strive for height: the ceiling is a top surface of the space, it has to perform indoor height, receive beams, planning of indoor air conditioning, lights, able to metope, unified indoor system function; Metope combined with uniform design of the head of a bed: the choice of combined bed style, to expand the boundaries of headboard, extends to the whole metope unified design, form the visual center. The ground material to the foot feels comfortable, the ground of the bedroom act the role of material, with comfortable for the principle, real wood floor and two kinds of material of pure wool carpet is preferred. In addition to this, of course, there are many places need to be aware of, when selecting a bedroom furniture brand must think about oh. Relevant tags: bedroom furniture brand
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