Quality of pig skin and leather furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

now a lot of dermal sofa, but there are a lot of different price, why? Cause dermal itself has different quality, as there are many kinds of leather, the best for the green leather, and leather cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and so on, the price of leather will be more expensive than the price of pig skin on one times, so there will be a lot of business will take when pig skin sofa leather sofa to sell, cheat customer, why the price of leather and pig skin differ so much? Reason though pigskin and cattle hide as genuine leather, but the quality is completely different, like pores, flexibility is different, and the pigskin than cowhide is too cheap, so prices have a huge gap, the following to introduce the difference of pigskin and cattle hide!

usually we just need to see clear pigskin and cattle hide leather pores can about points:

cowhide: fine, beautiful is a characteristic of leather, cowhide pores and rounded, more straight into leather, cow leather surface pore is small, round, distributed evenly and closely, leather face bright smooth, plump, delicate texture, flat, smooth appearance, touch quality of a material is solid and elastic. When choosing, such as extrusion leather hard, have a small fold. Made of leather leather processing products, such as don't watch carefully, almost can't see the mane.

pigskin: rough is the biggest characteristic of pig skin, pig skin leather pore is bulky, triangular in shape, pore on the surface is made up of three pore is composed of a group, each group of relatively far apart, uneven, and made of pig skin sofa surface is uneven and rough, pig skin does not generally used for leather sofa raw material choice, but the pig leather after shrinking treatment, become more soft and elastic. Some merchants will be the pigskin processed used as leather sofa main raw material, the surface looks no different, but careful observation surface or it can be seen the arrangement of pores.

saw this article, I believe you have a heart end, buy leather sofa and a selection method.

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