Pure solid wood furniture in the furniture market advantage

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
Brand solid wood furniture material is natural lumber, no harm to people, environmental performance is higher, and more practical than other materials, because the furniture before the production was drying, rotten progress is very slow. So-called pure solid wood furniture brand is all of the materials are solid wood, including panel, side panel, door plank, medium plate are solid wood furniture and equipment. In the use of solid wood puzzle after paint, appearance no spelling a rugged landscape of glue line and panel, and in the process of long-term use of physical performance is stable. Wood using rate is high, fit ecological use standard raw materials. So in terms of use and grain colour and lustre, solid wood puzzle decorating board is more suitable for the use of furniture and decoration function. Despite wide sheet solid wood puzzle glue quantity is greater than the solid wood puzzle, but due to the double cladding surface veneer of maintenance, thick and quadrilateral thick veneer edge banding, in fact, as long as 8 double sides adhesive seam, so solid wood puzzle in adhesive glue line through evaporation of chemicals is far lower than solid wood puzzle wide and solid wood line, evaporation, greener and healthier. Because core board and the use of anisotropy is small wood Mosaic, appearance is not flat plate wrpping degree is small, upper and lower double cladding two plane two sub-companies named seaport thick veneer, can eliminate the plate warping uneven deformation, cracking, and can improve the physical strength of plate in all directions. Plane two sub-companies named seaport thick veneer is on the order of selected large diameter logs first, and according to the grain, colour is strict selection, selection of high precision equipment and scientific plane cutting method. The processing technology processing, traditional sense in terms of lines, colour and lustre is very good, after the paint is more outstanding, produced is set furniture can build a kind of harmony, high sense of value. In today's market in addition to this kind of pure solid wood furniture, there are all kinds of imitation solid wood furniture, the furniture look from the exterior, the natural grain of lumber, feel the same as the color and all solid wood, is actually a solid wood and man-made board making furniture, all of them, and so we consumers must be careful when the choose and buy, and this is xin leaf furniture small make up today to introduce the user to about some of the advantages of pure solid wood furniture USES, what don't understand the user can contact us in time. Relevant tags: living room furniture
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