Purchasing hotel furniture should pay attention to what issues? Introduce you to the hotel furniture manufacturer

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-25

purchasing hotel furniture should pay attention to what issues? Hotel furniture manufacturer to introduce below

now the most popular with the villa customers mainly annatto furniture, Chinese people prefer Chinese annatto furniture of classic lasting appeal. Annatto furniture is to use gb mahogany materials and made of mortise and tenon joint process and carve patterns or designs on woodwork furniture, annatto furniture modelling dignified elegance, antique, humanities connotation, do manual work is delicate, raw materials, rare scarcity, since mid Ming dynasty, in our country has been around for nearly one thousand years, in such a long time, has been highly regarded.

to buy annatto furniture, because its material is scarce, the growth cycle is long, craft rare, such as mortise and tenon joint process and carve patterns or designs on woodwork, almost lost, high value for collection.

annatto furniture can add value: because annatto material growth cycle is generally between 100, some even up to 300 years, the amount of wood is extremely scarce, from around the world to the primeval forest scarce wood protection, annatto furniture prices rising, nearly eight years rise every year at about 30%, so annatto furniture suits are also rising.

1, the wear-resisting:

room conventional appliance, such as telephone, ashtrays, teacup, table lamp, flower POTS, laptops, luggage, etc. , in daily use are likely to furniture surface friction caused by the scratch, affecting the service life of furniture. Furniture plate wear resistance is an important factor decided furniture of useful life.

2, fire prevention performance:

wait a lighted cigarettes, matches to furniture surface damage, serious and even cause fire, furniture fire retardant performance must be attention.

3, waterproof and moistureproof:

rooms in the hotel and apartment, often due to the intrusion of water and moisture damage to furniture form. Tea moisture dumping, toilet and bath sauna steam the contact of the diffuse, bath towel, seasonal climate humidity change, etc. , can cause furniture edge banding fall off, the plate deformation, expansion, facing the problem such as blister, mildew, so buying furniture also should consider its waterproof moisture-proof function.

4, cost and quality:

in order to ensure not affect guest because of furniture of aging and damage of occupancy, the choice of furniture, besides considering the cost at the same time, should consider to decorate furniture repeated accumulative total investment in the process of operation, should choose can keep good appearance quality for a long time and high cost performance products, at the same time to furniture company's warranty time should also be given consideration.

5, the furniture style:

furniture choice, should consider to the hotel and the location of the apartment, geared to the needs of customers, guest room price and investment restrictions, etc. , should be centered on the guest's preferences and consumption idea, the style of furniture design and the product to make up for the inadequacy of construction and decoration, hotel scale and characteristics.

6, environmental protection:

furniture material, such as particle board, 67 d board, glue, paint, etc. , will release harmful gases such as methane. Hotels and apartment room relatively closed, stimulate the eye nose gas will directly affect the room occupancy rate, furniture of environmental protection has become an important factor of modern hotel guests selected.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody to villa furniture already had certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here at the time of choosing villas furniture, choose some big brand furniture, villa because of big brand villa furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, can help you learn how to choose furniture villa.

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