Prospects analysis brand solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-07
Solid wood furniture with real wood lumber or real wood plank for base material, surface finishing processing of furniture; On such base material by using solid wood veneer or two sub-companies named seaport ( Wood veneer) Stick a face after finishing processing of furniture. Real wood plank is pointed to by material, such as integrated timber wood through the formation of secondary processing of solid wood materials. In the domestic furniture market, many vendors propaganda of solid wood furniture is refers to the framework for solid wood furniture, such as mesa, door plank, side plate, plate, floor, etc can be man-made board, consumers need to pay special attention to! When buying must value brand solid wood furniture, especially the bedroom furniture brand. For the amount of precious wood, solid wood furniture market in China is far more than the total trees become useful in our country, to protect forest resources, forestry sector in China to cut down audit is increasingly strict, at the same time, China's import channels are blocked with each big wood producers to increase the limit. At present, the supply of goods is very tight log, raw material prices soaring, part of the solid wood furniture has to 'one', so use less wood framework as furniture, with high quality solid wood is quite common. Will become a new consumption hotspot of modern Chinese style furniture, modern Chinese style furniture in the form of both the connotation of traditional and modern, fashionable and elegant, in line with the most China into the aesthetic temperament and interest, and have high quality material and rich color combination collocation, can satisfy the consumers to the pursuit of elegant and tasteful. To this, many furnisher quite bullish about the prospects for modern Chinese style furniture market. On the market are a major source of real wood for solid wood furniture is a peach blossom core, teak, mahogany, Chinese catalpa wood, walnut, Chinese flowering crabapple wood, northeast China ash, elm northeast, liriodendron, camphor wood, basswood, birch wood, color wood, beech, cherry wood, red sandalwood, red wingceltis, cedar, and yew, Korean pine, oak wood, yellow pineapple, walnut, Chinese catalpa, schima superba, hua limu, neem, toon, zizyphus jujube, etc. Solid wood furniture surface usually can see the real wood texture, simple and stable, the surface of the occasional tree bears also reflects the pure and fresh and natural materials, both natural, and no chemical pollution, solid wood furniture not only fashion and health, is the modern urbanite advocate the preferred furniture of nature. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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