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Professional brand solid wood furniture analyses the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture

by:James Bond     2021-01-11
The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture solid wood furniture is refers to the pure solid wood furniture, which refers to all the materials again without the processing of natural material, do not use any man-made board furniture is made of. Along with the improvement of people's life, environmental protection consciousness enhancement, more and more high to the requirement of the product, plus durable solid wood furniture, to the more popular with everyone. So what is the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture? Natural environmental protection, this is the greatest characteristic of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture in the process of making, and compared those man-made board furniture, use glue quantity is quite less. With glue amount of how much influence the furniture of environmental protection. And solid wood furniture are made of natural wood, so it is more environmentally friendly. Solid wood furniture has protection function. At the same time can bring warm to household environment of 'wood' gas, thus is quite popular with the upscale consumers. It has the advantage of natural, natural texture, changeful form, furniture surface are generally see wood beautiful decorative pattern. Long service life, general is about five times as much as other board type furniture, can use 15 years to 20 years or so. Due to the various makeup strip texture is different, hardness is different, even through the constant thick sanding machine is impossible for us to make the strip thickness, the plate surface each slat rugged. Paint, after each slat rugged phenomenon more obvious. If the poor quality of horizontal consolidation, but also to spell out the obvious lateral brain glue line. If the horizontal consolidation strength is not enough, also easy to fracture in rubber joints. So, real wood furniture of the plank production wide, commonly in backlighting oblique direction furniture paint surface, can see the glue line between phenomenon and lath lath discretion. Makings fastidious, craft of science, this kind of phenomenon will be smaller, but not fundamentally avoided. Brand solid wood furniture: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: brand solid wood furniture
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