Practical lazy sofa is recommended

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-28

hear the wind is blowing hard outside, every day of rest, a lot of people choose curtilage at home and watch TV, surf the Internet. So so easy holiday, how to get a comfortable and lovely less lazy sofa? The lazy sofa with arbitrary shape and convenient placement of unique characteristics has attracted people's attention. Lovely modelling, can follow one's inclinations concave shape you like. Lovely light, easy to do where needed, to appear.

in the 1960 s, originally opinions unified sofa design rise a stream of innovation. Tried to break through the traditional idea, design a kind of both can satisfy the comfort and to meet the interest of the impetuous youth change software sofa. Designers from dumping found inspiration in the plastic bag, so as to produce a beanbag shape, and in the form of a hippie and lazy to young people.

lazy sofa also called lazybones, software household, doug bag, it is a big bag and coat material can be polyester cloth, pure cotton cloth, faux suede, plush, etc. , the set is to choose the lazy breathable non-woven fabric sofa set, fill in is high density poly ethylene particles stupid.

now used on the design of the lazy sofa really are amazing. That have a beanbag for design and color and bright, there is another common sofa comfort, sit and body feel very good feeling, and don't have to worry about a complete sit without shape. So this kind of lazy sofa from appearance to sit feeling is unparalleled, and the concise aristocratic temperament is very suitable for urban white-collar home.

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