Postmodern furniture style characteristic

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-07

post-modern style of interior design, break through the limitations of modern concise single, claims eclecticism, all can satisfy the design needed for live to use, as shown in figure 2 38. The space combination is complex, by setting the partition, screen, post or fireplace method to make administrative levels feeling of the space. Use thin column, partition wall to make not planning, boundary vague space form a profound feeling of dimensional administrative levels; Often will have wavy wall processing into a variety of angles.

of postmodern furniture has a weight function, shape and the adornment more concise. Postmodern furniture in the traditional symbol on the mentality of the game, almost eerie. Form is a little bit more simple said, postmodern furniture, colour is manic, exquisite technology. Postmodern characteristics is based on popular art furniture, also is the product of new technology with old technology. 2. Postmodern furniture is characterized by absorbing the European classical style, but also to be able to discern parvenu gens longing for freedom and freedom of personality.

the postmodern furniture after sex, fusion and interpretation in the unceasing innovation, a level that let European noble life, give person find everything new and fresh and beautiful durable high-grade household experience. 3. Postmodern furniture is characterized by vagueness in technology and XiXueXing. Postmodern furniture designer using the division with the analytic technique, breaking and decompose the already existing forms, mode of the image pattern. To some extent, we can understand the characteristics of postmodern furniture into a design of indifference, rational characteristic rebellion for a design in detail by means of speech.

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