Plate type chest how should maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-31

in the household life, many families will select some and their family to decorate, the furniture of good quality, especially the chest the necessities, but it is a good wardrobe is the need to have good maintenance do, especially plate wardrobe, or use after a period of time will continue in the shade. After you chose plate wardrobe, we know that this kind of wooden wardrobe is need of maintenance on a regular basis, even custom wardrobe, furniture maintenance as necessary, so plate chest how should maintain? Take a look at these furniture maintenance small coup.

1, the plate wardrobe maintain: insect-resistant

wardrobe maintain small coup, the worm is ubiquitous. Bugs tend to focus on at this time is not governance, but to avoid it. Because worms easily chew wardrobe, in turn, cause the damage, then be sure to keep the wardrobe inside and outside environment of dry clean, prevent the emergence of insects. To clean and dry clothes also can be in the chest, or it is also easy to breed bacteria bugs.

2, plate wardrobe to stay away from heat source and summer air-conditioning tuyere. Because the summer climate is hot, almost every day in the home open air conditioning. In order to prolong the service life of wooden chest, summer wooden chest must be far away from the heat source and air-conditioning tuyere, in order to avoid huge temperature difference to make chest damage or premature aging.

3, plate wardrobe maintain: sunlight

wardrobe maintain small coup, sunlit problem also is the key that can't be ignored. Because chest are unable to accept the long time of sunshine point-blank, or it will largely led to the rise in the problem of crack and so on. People want better push these problems, must be timely to draw the curtains, reduce point-blank.

4, often on the edge of the drawer, sliding door and bottom daub wax or paraffin wax on the slide. Summer air humidity is bigger, the solid wood drawer, sliding door of wooden chest may be due to the excessive expansion of difficult to open and close, in this case, you can slide on the edge of the drawer, sliding door and bottom wax or paraffin.

5, and not let plate wardrobe by strong direct sunlight for a long time. Whether wooden chest, or other wardrobe, sunshine is undoubtedly the best ageing agent. So, in the summer to properly adjust the location of wooden chest, to avoid direct sunlight, with the curtain shade when necessary.

6, plate wardrobe maintain: dustproof

small wardrobe maintenance is one of the best ways to dust! Especially now that many families choose to open the chest, open chest although beautiful but it is easy to bring dust to clothes, serious can cause skin allergy. So dust is also very important, open chest can install drapes keep out, and some to the top of chest do not can cushion a dust cover to prevent dust fall wardrobe.

7, chest should always keep a cupboard door plate, clean, maintain no groceries, dust in the slide rail track. When clearing available half wet dishcloth to wipe cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door, avoid by all means use corrosive detergent. Track dirt with cleaner or the fine wool brush cleaning, shelving, lever etc. Nonmetal parts with dry cloth to wipe.

8, plate wardrobe maintain: moistureproof

wardrobe maintain small coup, moistureproof problem is to make sure, is also not ignore the problem. Especially for the wooden chest, generally all wet problems, especially in the wet summer. Although camphor ball can be used, but there is a strong smell, is very bad. Then you might as well not to drink or drink tea to dry, in the newspaper or the old clothes, put in the corner of the wardrobe, is can play a certain moisture absorption function.

9, long time use sliding door, article dust fall there will be slight glue, 502 glue and available; Occurrence crack of the trajectory locator to walk under a, can use a word screw knife on the locator to side edge can be pushed to close joints; Sliding door appear skewed picture, inclined round the left at the end of the tag of 'loose' or right at the end of round 'tight' tag.

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