Plate edge banding technology is introduced in hotel furniture production

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-31

sealing side sealing side in hotel furniture production process is to use wood, veneer, veneer, splint, melamine resin decorative board, plastic film, PVC, ABS engineering plastics, paint decoration strip, strip edge banding material such as glue, pressure on the side panel, the panel is closed the neighboring countries. Base material can be particieboard, medium density fiber board, joinery board, double panel, etc.

the purpose of sealing side there are three:

1) in order to protect the edge of panel, prevent the bare plate edge deformation occurred because of the absorb water or other substances

(2) close to live plank interior material, prevent their release into the air, such as formaldehyde is known.

(3) in order to beautiful. The edge of the man-made plank after cutting, visual effect is poor. A decorative effect can be better edge banding and board face or other parts of the color, texture match. Edge banding material is a lot of more phyletic, custom furniture cabinet put oneself in another's position is commonly used in the PC, ABS engineering plastics article sealing side edge banding. The commonly used method is to use hot melt adhesive will be pasted into the side of panel edge banding. If the side of panel is linear structure, known as the linear sealing side; If the side of panel structure is curve, it is called a curve type sealing side. If the edge of panel with the modelling of milling, is the need for after forming sealing side. The relatively simple linear sealing side, the efficiency is very high. Curve type sealing side due to the influence of the curve panel is, high degree of artificial participation, relatively slowly. Sealing side process equipment used is the edge banding machine, including machine of linear sealing side, and two kinds of curve edge banding machine.

( 1) Full automatic linear edge banding machine

board type furniture plate after cutting in the processing of end face must pass through the sealing side to protect and beautify. Fully automatic machine of linear sealing side is solid wood, PVC edge banding material such as seal affixed to the edge of the plate of the equipment. The equipment will be melting hot melt adhesive coating to the board face, and then stick on the panel edge banding material pressure. Hot melt adhesive rapid solidification form gooey force, combined with panel edge banding material. Later, pass and cutting, trimming, scraping, polishing, sanding, makes the end face of panel forming beautiful protection. Automatic edge banding machine can let the panel on the edge banding machine in the process of a feed to complete before and after coating, sealing side agglutination, cutter head, and the edge, chamfering, scraping gum and sanding process. Every time feed process can complete the operation of a straight edge. Consistency is very strong in each process, thus sealing side efficiency is very high. Have more than one side need sealing side panel need many times through the edge banding machine, usually in transmitted by transmission roller after sealing side machine back to the in situ, after the transformation direction, again through the complete sealing side edge banding machine. Therefore, generally need two workers in the ends of the sealing side machine operation at the same time.

machine of linear sealing side of the operation process

(2) according to adjust the sealing side panel requirement parameters, load, glue edge banding.

1) boot.

(3) to the host to determine the need to processing the side guide plates are close to the feed.

(4) deputy tractor driver board, and check the quality of sealing side.

(5) multiple edge sealing, vice machinist will panel on transfer roll back to the host location, sealing side operation.

6 trim edge banding, stacked plate.

( 2) Curve of manual sealing side machine

curve of manual sealing side machine commonly used in curve, inner Angle while or irregular shaped sealing side. The sealing side of the main process and the linear sealing side, the basic process is, removal of residual glue, pressure sealing side, trim. Differed from the linear sealing side machine sheet with roller compaction, dragged by the chain track sheet will each working procedure, and the line edge banding machine requires the artificial control of each work procedure is more, the machining efficiency is relatively low.

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