Plastic materials gradually became contemporary and contracted furniture commonly used materials

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

plastic materials gradually became contemporary and contracted furniture commonly used materials, plastic with style variety, color more have become a main advantage, can let the designer to create a variety of classic contracted furniture, and recyclable and renewable, greatly reduced the waste furniture and ACTS as an important role in environmental protection, in accordance with the material itself in terms of comfort of the cushion on the resilience and can form a complete set, etc. , comfort is not worse than leather furniture.

the emergence of a new material of plastic furniture furniture design and manufacturing can have significant and profound influence, such as steel, aluminum alloy, chromium plating, plastic, plywood, layer building blocks, etc. No doubt, plastic in furniture design and modelling of the 20th century the biggest impact of the material. And plastic is the only true ecological materials in the world today, recyclable and renewable. At the beginning of the 20th century, americans invented the bakelite, pulled open the prelude to the plastics industry. This kind of composite material of artificial easy molding and demoulding, and low cost, so soon rapidly applied in industrial products and furniture design, be geared to the needs of the people's democracy. World war ii period, poly (PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinyl chloride (propylene, degreasing, organic glass, such as plastic has been developed, they are popular with the furniture designer, is widely used in all kinds of furniture design, and make furniture modelling from the assembly in the form of combination to whole casting molding with organic furniture form of sculpture class, in the 1960 s, also known as the era of plastic; Famous master of architecture and furniture ai luo, saarinen Charles, Ames tulip chair, the Danish furniture masters jacobson's swan chair, egg chair, faina stack type of panton chair was an outstanding representative works of the plastic furniture. Plastic furniture with natural material furniture irreplaceable advantages, especially the overall molding self-enclosed, rich colors, waterproof anti-rust, become a public building, contemporary and contracted furniture's first choice material. In addition to the overall forming, plastic furniture more is made, furniture parts and metal materials, glass is assembled into the furniture.

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