Pine furniture of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-05
< / P> < P> pine furniture pine furniture is a kind of solid wood furniture, so in the choose and buy and maintenance aspects and solid wood furniture has a lot of similarities: < / P> < P> pine furniture of choose and buy skills < / P> < P> m: light pressure furniture all stress points, such as column Angle, the place such as drawer or a shelf support, test whether firm; < / P> < P> 2: pay special attention to heavy furniture component interface, due screw fastening; < / P> < P> 3: check the drawer slide and positioning, open all the doors, make sure they are installed properly, the use of clear; < / P> < P> 4: words touch the surface of furniture, to see if they are smooth, the possibility of the projection torn clothes; < / P> < P> 5: to see if the wood texture clear, clear. < / P> < P> pine furniture maintain < / P> < P> 1: follow the wood grain texture, often with soft cloth dust for furniture and before going to dust, should be on the soft cloth dipped into spray cleaning agent ( If be, etc. ) ; < / P> < P> 2: when use as far as possible with the mat under the hot plate, in order to avoid food soup spillover, stained or damaged desktop; < / P> < P> 3: try to avoid furniture surface in contact with the corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish, etc. < / P>
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