Pine bedroom furniture brand advantages and disadvantages of chest and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
Bedroom wardrobe furniture brands as colorful and bright, has always been very welcomed by the favour of people and. But some families like pine chest, and some families don't like to choose this material of the chest, so, today we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of pine chest, more clear understanding of pine chest. A, the bedroom furniture brand advantages pine chest 1, keep the instinctive quality of pine natural, texture clear and beautiful, natural, simple, aesthetic and functional capabilities; 2, modelling is simple and easy, full smooth lines, all show good sense; 3, practical, durable, and the price is cheap; 4, elasticity and permeability is strong, the heat preservation performance is good and easy to maintenance. Second, the bedroom furniture brand pine chest defect 1, soft pine wood, easy cracking deformation, high moisture content is also easy to cause the cracking; 2, pay attention to pure natural color, pine chest surface paint very little, so you cannot insolate, otherwise easy to change color; 3, pine chest is getting hard, after artificial drying damp environment cause caused by dry humidity uneven deformation, therefore should pay attention to moistureproof pine chest. Three pine, bedroom furniture brand is very natural, and therefore in the aspect of maintenance needs pay attention to the following three aspects: 1, often with a soft cloth along the wood grain texture, before going to dust, dust for chest and should be on a soft cloth dipped into spray cleaning agent; 2, when use as much as possible with the mat under the hot plate, in order to avoid food soup spillover, stained or damaged desktop; 3, as far as possible to prevent chest surface in contact with the corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish, etc. Relevant tags: bedroom furniture brand
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