Pick a place: the sitting room tea table function and collocation

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

tea table plays an important role in the living room, a simple, beautiful and practical, good tea table conforms to the space aesthetics, is helpful to keep the space clean and not mixed and disorderly. Then starting from the function and collocation of tea table, main points of the analysis on side of the sitting room tea table for you.

material selection:

most of the tea table and a few desktop for marble and wood, one of the most popular is the for the design of the glass and metal combination, the most practical at the same time also can increase the space through the feeling. A wave of popular zen and contracted wind wind, the modelling of tea table is relatively rigid, new Perth back in fashion, geometry once more, add interest and think of opportunely, metal legs model change, the more mainstream is still the chrome plated metal.

function combination:

a few can have high combination. A few can be a small bench. Can be a long 2 a few, can be combined into square, L, or T, model change and use degree of the life needs stronger. Popular now with leather, fabric footstool for tea table, although the practical but easy to clean.

tea table and a few optional set of combinations, the same material or the same shape. Short a few is integration of the elements of living room furniture, should choose as far as possible to consider and beautiful modelling is simple and low. Tea table is too high, desktop things put on a show mixed and disorderly. Put things, tea table is just a temporary mainly put flowers, and adornment, can choose below the height of sofa, proportionally more beautiful. Monolayer on the vision more relaxed, if double will be put on tea table, easy to appear cluttered.

Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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