People in different seasons with a variety of five lines of furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

the busy life of modern, 'home' is the place that rest and supplement energy, residence five lines of furniture if can fit appropriately, can compensate for the lack of life's elements, choose with their more five lines of furniture, can also be in accordance with geomantic learn on balance effect, good house steady development.

people born in the spring and summer have different requirements, the five elements need five lines of furniture also is not the same, five lines of furniture designs, more consideration and cooperate with life, properties, and make money at home five lines of furniture is given priority to the most needed.

people born in the autumn, the lunar July to September, life, cicc attribute, so avoid is gold, the five elements will need to improve is the fire and the wood. When the choose and buy five lines of furniture and decoration, can use more green, with red, orange, and so on.

use wood of the wood and cloth art, again tie-in leather and rubber products to the fire, can make up the lack of life '; The curtain and sofa cover cloth can choose the design of stripe. The main color design, unfavorable in gold and silver etc.

people born in the winter, the lunar October to December, water in the life, properties, five lines of the first fire, and then the wood. Due to avoid water, avoid the use of gray and blue, and so on, should be used more than red and orange color, bold use more leather furniture such as a leather sofa, help to luck; The household articles for use of triangle design is good in winter was born.

fire furniture

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