Open mode kitchen villa renovation principle and the matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-09

restaurant in daily life to occupy a certain utilization rate, make the place that the family get together for dinner, not only is one of the main places of reception guests. So, dining-room decorate must not be arbitrary, the following is a small make up of the dining-room decorate a four points for attention, be sure to read it carefully before for his restaurant decorated well, hope can help you. Now some of the kitchen is open, open up very atmosphere, but the open kitchen and traditional kitchen also has many need our attention to the problem. The choose and buy of soot emissions, for example, hardware, and so on, let's look at the villa with the open kitchen decorate matters needing attention.

1, please do not decorate later began to consider buying from ambry

because installation of cabinets and is one of the kitchen is decorated, so the place such as kitchen and sitting room is different, don't finished buy ambry to install later. Correct method is: please measure ambry manufacturer before decorate, set ambry style model, reserved line interface and the corresponding space, and then to decorate, finally, ambry manufacturer to enter the construction.

2, restaurant style

the style of restaurant choices it is best to follow the style of whole household, if it is your own restaurant, also can consider to adopt a style, the style can be set according to his be fond of. But if have eat table and chair, dining room furniture, had better have the style of furniture to carry out overall coordination. The main or the overall coordination, to more highlight the taste of home.

3, ventilation and smoke exhaust to

just like traditional kitchen, open mode kitchen faces lampblack problem, so the ventilation should be in addition to smoke, open mode kitchen should choose power, multifunctional smoke lampblack machine, in order to get rid of the smell of cooking.

4, the color with the

the color of the restaurant should be given priority to with Ming is fast, bright color can let a person feel warm, warm, at the same time also can increase appetite, so in the restaurant when decorating, we might as well use more orange, yellow color is fast, easy to let a person feel shine at the moment. But decorate knows that, if all adopt bright color, will no doubt make the space appears narrow and cramped, so in the use of bright color, also be supplemented with some cool color attune. All the bright color can let a person feel anxious and depressed. In addition, if the restaurant is linked together with the bedroom, we should consider the coordination between dining-room a bedroom.

5, pay attention to hardware fittings, you are penny wise and pound foolish

in all kinds of furniture, cabinets, should be used with the highest frequency. And the stand or fall of hardware accessories, directly determines the quality and the service life of cabinets. When custom cabinets, therefore, in order to save money and use bad quality products of practice is not desirable. When choosing ambry, might as well take a look at the hardware that it USES above all brand. If economic conditions permit, you can choose high-grade hardware products of high prices.

6, the collocation of desk and chair

needs to pay attention to the choice of the table and space size, small space with big table or large space with small table is appropriate. Because buy the essence of the problem, the purchaser is hard to put the things to the scene to carry out comparison, therefore, in the restaurant to decorate the table size measurement first are fond of, get the site to do the comparison of the total share, it would be more appropriate, can avoid greater than small.

7, select the appropriate lighting

light setting in place, the light setting of open mode kitchen is close friends certainly, if the house is higher, can be used to open kitchen in the middle of droplight, surrounded by heat lamp, but the modelling of the lamp can't be too complicated, in order to avoid trouble to cleaning job in the future, of course, from the consideration on the energy saving or not to put too much light, had better choose the ambry of itself bring light.

8, the decoration of the restaurant

table cloth and curtain such as cloth ornaments, try choosing fabric stain resistant easy to clean. If the restaurant is relatively narrow, but on the metope with a big mirror. Another restaurant background the adornment picture on the wall should be based on the overall to choose, design best is sweet and refreshing.

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