Oneself buy furniture need to pay attention to?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-10

you buy furniture need pay attention to? Choose home have what points? Below small make up and share experiences.

the size of the furniture is proportional to the interior space size, large space to choose large furniture, small space should choose small furniture. Furniture color according to indoor decorate a style to determine. For example, boreal Europe style suitable for solid color such as white, gold, silver, wooden instinctive quality furniture, and Chinese style to decorate for log color, ZiTanSe, annatto color close to the natural color of furniture, etc. Furniture style with the whole decorates a style unifies, the owner can first consult the designer when the choose and buy, listening to the advice of the designer, to ensure that the purchased furniture can have a good decoration effect.

the color of furniture at the same time choice is also very important, at present, the color of furniture has a light color fastens, brunet department, department, etc. , the owner can choose according to different needs. Furniture of light color fastens to bear or endure dirty, easy to do, clear, pure style, fashion, no young vigor, is also applicable to lighting ability is weak, smaller space, is one of the most commonly used furniture color at present. Furniture of brunet department is grave and elegant, stability, suitable for mature, composed of decorate a style, to embody the interior sense of taste and grade of feeling, is suitable for aged people over the age of 30, introverted. Eliminate color of furniture, such as gold, silver, gray, also calls the safety color, can be in harmony with the most color, and golden, silver can also create a luxury, elegant indoor atmosphere, unique decoration effect.

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